December 30, 2009
Reader Photos from 2009: A slideshow

Here are some of our favorite photos of Mountain State scenes, people and buildings sent in by Charleston Gazette readers in 2009, turned into a musical slideshow. For more details on the photos and to view a host of other photos by Charleston Gazette readers, please visit the Gazette's "Your Photos" page.

The slideshow is set to the instrumental piece "Andante Quieto" performed by the New Arts Trio (Arie Lipsky, Rebecca Penneys and Jacques Israelievitch) from "The Hayslett Collection: A Musical Tribute," a collection of works performed on instruments made by master instrument maker Harold Hayslett of West Virginia.  

Photos included in the slideshow were shot by: Corey Bowles, Al Peery, Charlie Decker, Gretchen Friedlander, Caroline Moore, Kenneth King, Jake Corey, Jane Ann Long, Madeline Swint, Tom Steele, Brenda Thomas, Betty Jones, Darla Eads, Kelee Childress, Heather Lee Arden, Deb Hodges, Matt Young, Bob Peters, Phil Lawrence, Teresa French, Raymond Grishaber, Paula Flaherty, Gina Korpas, Jake Corey, Inge Renate, Lisa McClung, Michael Ramsburg, Traci Cummings and Olivia Barker.



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