February 19, 2012
Three shot dead in Logan County
Chris Dorst
Brenda Jarrell and her husband, Bill Dingess, stand outside the home near Chapmanville where her brother, Paul David Jarrell, and Eddie and Michelle Bell were found dead Sunday morning.

CHAPMANVILLE, W.Va. -- Logan County officials found three people shot to death in a house on Huckleberry Road near Chapmanville, police and relatives of the deceased said.

The bodies of 51-year-old Paul David Jarrell, Eddie Bell and Michelle Bell were discovered around 9 a.m. Sunday morning, according to Jarrell's family members.

"I lost my mom, my older brother from a stroke, and my dad a week and a half ago and now my brother," Jarrell's sister, Brenda Jarrell said, standing in front of the house where her brother died. Jarrell and other family members were taking items from the house where the slayings occurred. They feared that thieves would break in and steal from the empty house, she said.

Police are calling Trevor Tomblin, 34, of Chapmanville, a person of interest in the homicide investigation. Tomblin wrecked around 5:25 a.m. Sunday morning at Big Creek while driving a 2000 Sonoma truck that was registered to one of the victims. Additional handguns and other evidence were found at the crash scene, according to police.

Tomblin was transported to Logan Regional Medical Center and later to CAMC General, where he died.

Authorities found a handgun, prescription medication and a large amount of cash in the stolen vehicle with Tomblin.

Earl Akers, Brenda Jarrell's nephew by marriage, said he knew Tomblin.

"We went to a Christian school," Akers said. "I went to school with him all the way up. It's just unreal."

Tomblin lived about a mile away from Paul Jerrell, Akers said.

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