February 9, 2012
Readers' Voice: Feb. 10, 2012

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For the person who asked if someone passes away who has the say on a funeral, is it the spouse, kids or family: it's legally the spouse. Morally it's also the spouse. There is no bond stronger than between the wife and the husband.

I think we need to keep our nose out of Syria's business as they try to control the lawless rebellious faction in their country. Just as we have had to clear many of our parks and buildings of troublemakers, Syria is going through the same thing and we have no business interfering with their internal problems.

Actually, the Catholic Church is in violation of the First Amendment by forcing their employees to comply with their religious teachings. And if hospitals and colleges accept federal money, such as student loans and Medicaid, they should comply with a non-discriminatory practice of providing birth control to their employees.

In his victory speech, Rick Santorum said that President Obama bailed out the banks. Sorry Rick, that was G.W. Bush who helped tank the economy and then bailed out banks who contributed to it. President Obama bailed out the auto industry and saved many American jobs and had Osama Bin Laden killed.

Manchin versus McConnell: A classic case of a battle of wits between unarmed opponents.

This year, better than 50 percent of the country did not pay federal taxes, while I paid 25 percent of my wages in taxes. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying my taxes, but the rest of you should feel ashamed. It's un-American to not support your country. Not paying taxes [is] not supporting your country.

To the person who asked about the difference when driving while using a cell phone versus a CB radio...the last I heard, you didn't have to punch in a phone number to talk on a CB radio.

I watched my mail person drive right by my mailbox because my grandson had blocked it. Now I could understand this action if this was the rule and not the exception concerning my mail box, but...if the item is too large the mail person will park and bring it to my door so if my box is blocked why not deliver my mail to my door? Amazing.

The biggest Super Bowl Ad Winner was President Obama with Clint Eastwood's: "It's halftime America. Hear our engines roar." And it did not cost our President a cent.

I have been a delivery driver in Kanawha, Boone and Putnam for the past six months. It is my observation that 60 percent to 75 percent of all drivers do not use their turn signals when making any turn off their present lane of travel. No doubt this causes accidents. Would law enforcement start enforcing this law, please?

To The Charleston Gazette's coverage of the state wrestlers here in the state of West Virginia, I'm 55 years old and I would challenge any wrestler I've seen this year to the mat. Any size, any weight.

Does the school board realize this is taxpayers' money they're wasting on a project that's $6.5 million over budget? The school levy is in May. Time for a change.

If Winfield's mayor was one-third of the man that the police chief he fired was, that town would be in great shape.

It's not very classy to use paper cups and plastic cups for tea in our Governor's Mansion.

You know, Holgorsen says it's the best defensive coaches he can get, allowing 436 yards. That's not the best.

I'm a member of the West Virginia Symphony League and I also donated to the symphony and I regret that I was donating and that the maestro of the West Virginia symphony is not even an American citizen, or has not been all these years. I fully regret my donations. We could have had an American citizen as conductor.

The cell phone while driving is just another attack on our freedoms. Say no to the cell phone ban while driving.

Unemployment is down in this country. What is it people want? The Republicans make no mention of that fact that things are getting better.

To the person who said that was thanking Obama for the job increases and he wasn't getting any help from the GOP, well the GOP and the House has 31 bills, job bills, sitting there waiting to be passed by the Democratic Senate and Harry Reid will not take them up, so they need to get their facts straight.

You people who repeatedly reference Bible verses sound like you're completely insane to me.

A few days ago I saw a big headline type of thing on TV that the Catholic church is outraged at the president's new ruling on health care. Where was their outrage when their protected pedophiles were doing their business for years and years? I don't want the Catholic Church to dictate to our government what we can and can't do.

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