February 17, 2012
Readers’ Voice: Feb. 18, 2012

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If you're one of those inconsiderate people who think going natural or whatever you call lazy people not wearing deodorant and you think other people don't notice all day long while you're making them gag, you're a blithering, inconsiderate idiot.

There is no sacred ground. It's all dirt, just dirt, and that's all it is.

As Americans today we count our many blessings. We give thanks for our family, friends, faith, our Constitution. We're going through tough times, but we are truly blessed. There is still no other nation like us. Never has been, never will be. God blessed America from the beginning, and he blesses us still. Now we just have to work a bit harder to save her.

I don't know why Channel 8 morning news don't go off the air, because all they have is reruns and commercials.

I see that a parent has been arrested for doing cocaine in the school bathroom where their child goes to school. Obviously this means that all parents must be drug tested.

To the West Virginia fan that said that someone said West Virginia could not win the Big East, they were referring to basketball, and there you go bringing up the Orange Bowl. And, by the way, the winner of the Big East wasn't West Virginia. They shared that championship with two other teams.

There's still many tears in Marshall wanting to get back into the Mid American Conference where they were the big dogs. West Virginia will be longing to get back in the Big East after they spend some spoiled time in the Big 12.

We have our Legislature passing laws against felons running for political offices, and it sounds like to me that's the pot calling the kettle black because we've got just as many crooks and thieves in the Legislature and county commission than we do anywhere else, so again that is the pot calling the kettle black.

I would just like to know why ABC News keeps using Nancy Lack of Grace on their news. She accuses everybody. I mean everybody is guilty until they're proven innocent. Our country, our law, says you're innocent until proven guilty, but she is so bitter and so negative and she attacks everybody and offends everybody, and why do they keep using her on ABC news? I just can't understand it.

Someone called in to the Readers' Voice saying that if West Virginia's three electoral votes had went for Gore in 2000, we wouldn't have had the war in Iraq. Well, the problem with that statement is we don't have three votes. We have five votes.

It is important to only look at the promises made by Obama and the failure of this inept administration to even attempt to accomplish anything: The unbelievable increase in national debt, ACORN, Solyndra, extravagant spending through the formation of unnecessary positions, and his plush vacations. No matter who the Republicans run, this independent will support them and walk through rain and snow to do it.

This morning I went to visit my father. He had his cane across two chairs performing his "rainy day ritual," drying his Gazette in front of an electric space heater. He said it happens so often that he quit calling circulation.

Well Ollie says it will all be paid for with no school or tax money. He's in Florida looking for desperate funds from a deep-pocket guy now. But that always comes with strings. Will they want to pick a coach or put their name on something? Or maybe ask for a degree for an employee? Nothing's free.

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