March 23, 2012
Vent Line: March 24, 2012

It takes one thousand billion to equal a trillion. If we took all of the assets of all of our billionaires, we would not reach 1 trillion.

Twelve to 15 bills have been sent from the Republican House to the Democratic Senate. If it is something the president of the Senate doesn't want, Democrat Harry Reid will not allow a vote on it in the Senate.

The film starring Rock Hudson, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor was titled "Giant."

I am sick and tired of these people who feel they are entitled just because they do not want to work. One example is a free cellphone. It is a luxury, not a necessity. I, as well as others, resent the fact that these people feel they are owed this luxury. Get a job.

The Bill of Rights guarantees that government will not interfere with what goes on within a church. If the government gets the opportunity to interfere with what the Catholic Church does, it won't be long before they interfere with other churches as well.

I am an evangelical Christian. I have no problem with the color of President Obama's skin. I have a problem with his stand on abortion, gay marriage, sharing the wealth and wanting to outlaw coal.

I hope law enforcement abides by the new texting laws. It is hard to drive on U.S. 60 without getting run off the road by a law enforcement officer texting on their phone.

I see where President Obama is denying disaster help to the surrounding states after the tornados. I'm glad because it ensures that he won't get re-elected this fall.

I see where Randy Moss has signed with the 49ers. I wish him well. Randy is an outstanding man. I hope this team treats him as he deserves to be treated, as a king.

Why in the world would Sissonville Volunteer Fire Department need a $1.8 million building to park fire trucks in? There doesn't need to be an audit at this place, there needs to be an examination.

The cellphone law and the ATV law are alike. They are like gas. Once they are passed, they disappear.

I think Jim Barach on TV 8 news is the best meteorologist on television.

Is anyone else in this area getting calls from grandchildren who don't exist? They ask for you to send them money. You'd better watch.

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