March 31, 2012
'Fly Fishing Film Tour' coming to South Charleston

Rock music. Exotic locales. Magnificent scenery. Great fishing. Killer cinematography.

Put them together and you get the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour, a cinematic collection of 10 avant-garde short features being shown at big-city theaters all around the country - and, on April 7, at the LaBelle Theatre in little old South Charleston.

"The tour has been going on for several years, but in the past it has only gone to major cities," said Philip Smith, chairman of the West Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited. "This year, TU got involved, and decided to take the tour to some smaller cities."

Since TU's Kanawha Valley Chapter is one of the country's largest, South Charleston - where the chapter holds its monthly meetings - got one of the slots.

Smith said the tour's films are nothing like the 1992 movie "A River Runs Through It" and the fly fishing shows that appear on outdoor-themed cable TV networks.

"These movies are not your grandpa's fly fishing movies," he said. "They aren't grip-and-grin, look-what-I-caught films, either. They have rock music, really awesome cinematography, guys yukking it up and having fun - kind of like 'Warren Miller does fly fishing.'"

Smith calls the films "a clarion call to young people."

"TU is making a big push to attract new members in the 20- to 40-year-old age bracket, and that's the target demographic for the film tour," he explained.

Each of the 10 films runs between 10 and 12 minutes in length. Smith said they are edited-down versions of much longer features.

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